Questions and Answers

Do you recall your first festival experience?
Yes, an 8th grade field trip to Jazz Fest.

What would be the theme of your fantasy festival?
Bacon Fest.

When festin’, what essentials do you bring?
A good appetite, money, Tupperware, Ziploc® bags, a hat, sunglasses, and a chair.

Do you have a favorite festival dish?
The one in front of me at the time

What’s the weirdest dish you’ve seen at a festival?
Fried butter at Taste of Colorado in Denver.

What type of festival music makes your ears smile?
Brass bands.

What one food would draw you to an all-you-can-eat contest?
None. I want to savor every bite.

Why has the New Orleans festival scene evolved and blossomed?
We love getting together with family, friends, good food, and music.

You mention using Creole Seasoning. If I can’t find that in my local grocery, can I make my own?
Absolutely! Add your favorite dried herbs to a base of granulated garlic, red pepper and a little salt and you have your own all-purpose Creole blend.

When cooking at home, what if certain ingredients are not available in my area?
I always tell people to trust their own taste and make recipes their own. Use the freshest ingredients that are available where you live. If you can’t get fish, use chicken!